buy Batman Corset And Skirt Costume

Batman Corset And Skirt Costume

Now there is a Batman corset and skirt costume for women that like to be a sexy female Batman or maybe Batgirl.

The superhero costume includes a black corset top with a removable cape and it really makes you upper body look stunning and makes you feel like a true superhero. Then there is the short tutu skirt that just like the top have studs on it.

You can get this sexy Batman costume in many women’s sizes so that you will get the perfect size for you.

Now cosplay or Halloween will be even better because you are the superhero to look for because the normal Batman now is just plain and boring compared to you.

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buy Robin Tutu Skirt

Robin Tutu Skirt

We can’t all be Batman but there is room for some Robin’s so if you don’t mind being the famous sidekick of Batman then making your costume a bit more feminine could be your first assignment.

This tutu skirt could be just what your Robin costume needs. The skirt has a red shiny waistband with some sequins on the front. And then there is the tutu part witch is green with the famous Robin logo on it so that everyone knows that you now are a sexy replacement of the boy wonder.

This Robin tutu skirt is great for cosplay, Halloween or just any other day you want to look amazing.

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buy Batman Logo Racing Lines Pencil Skirt

Batman Logo Racing Lines Pencil Skirt

Are you looking for a sleek sexy and stylish way to show of the Batman logo.

Well nothing is as sexy as a skirt that has yellow racing pin stripes on it.

This is an all black skirt that features yellow lines that look like they could be racing pin stripes from the Batmobile. Along with these lines you see a yellow outline of the DC Comics superhero Batman bat logo.

Made to be both durable and comfortable with an elastic waist band. The skirt is made with 82% polyester and 18% elastane so you know it has the perfect amount of stretch.

Available in a wide variety of women’s fitted sizes of 2XS to 2XL so all can enjoy a classic racing pin stirpe skirt of Batman.

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buy Harley Quinn Colors Pencil Skirt

Harley Quinn Colors Pencil Skirt

The classic colors of the DC Comics super villain Harley Quinn red and black along with a girls best friend diamonds is a great way to dress up a fun skirt.

This is a pencil skirt that features red and black squares along with opposite colored diamonds in the squares. This gives you that DC Comics super villain look of Harley Quinn.

Available in a large selection of women’s sizes that will range from 2XS all the way to 2XL so all can enjoy.

Made from the perfect blend of materials 82% polyester and 18% elastane. This will give you a super soft comfortable skirt that is durable with the right amount of stretch.

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buy Batman Logo Skirt

Batman Logo Skirt

Batman Logo Skirt

This black skater style skirt is covered in the famous logo of Batman and with that said this skirt became even cooler didn’t it.

So this flaring shirt is just fun for anyone who like Batman and tells the world about it.

It’s a great skirt for events and parties and could even be part of a sexy Batman costume for Halloween.

The skirt comes in one size fits most (XS – M) as it has an elastic waistband.

Maybe this skirt is not great for work but besides that it just seems perfect. I would not wait and just get your own Batman Logo Skirt.