buy Batman Comic Dinner Plate

Batman Comic Dinner Plate

If you need a cool plate for dinner then you should check out this Batman comic dinner plate.

The dinner plate is round and has a diameter of 10 inches. On the plate, you can see Batman and his logo but also other characters like the Riddler and Robin.

The Batman plate is made from melamine and is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

A plastic plate is stronger then a ceramic or glass one and that makes it perfect for both kids and adults that like to have their food served on an amazing plate.

Now watching Batman while having a TV dinner will be extra fun when served on this plate.

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buy Batman Kids Retro Separation Plate

Batman Kids Retro Separation Plate

Kids love keeping their food separated and that can be hard on a flat plate, so why not use DC Comics Batman’s help with a separation plate.

This separation plate is mostly black and grey with bat logos all over it. One compartment is black with typical black and yellow bat symbol. One compartment has Batman flying out of the plate with his fist, a “WHAM” and Gotham City in the background. One other compartment has a simple retro Batman flying through the air. The last compartment has the Bat Symbol shining into the sky over Gotham city and “BATMAN” in yellow.

The plate measures 8.5″ wide by 9.75″ long by .5″ deep. Just enough room for that little ones dinner. It is also dishwasher safe on the top rack, YAY!

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buy Batman Party Plates

Batman Party Plates

Batman paper Party Plates

Now that Batman birthday party can start as there now are Batman party plates.

These dinner plate size paper plates show the Dark Knight ready to punch and above his picture it says “Batman”.

With 8 plates in a pack there are plenty for an average kids party and I am sure that the kids love to eat from plates that have Batman on them.

And as they are square 9 inch plates so there is plenty of food on this Batman plates to keep some mouths fed.

Just imagine these plates on a plain table, it will just scream Batman party.

Come and get ready with these Batman Party Plates.