buy Batman Pet ID Tag

Batman Pet ID Tag

Now you can get this cool Batman Pet ID Tag to protect your pet from going lost.

This Pet tag is round with on the front the famous Batman symbol and then on the back you can have your information as it can hold up to 4 lines of 20 characters each.

And the pet tag can be personalized a bit more as it the tag comes in different colors and even the print color can be picked by you.

Now it just needs a spot on the collar of your pet and then they are as cool as Batman without the worry about ever loosing them.

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buy Batman Logo Pet Name Tag

Batman Logo Pet Name Tag

If you are looking for a fun pet id tag then check out this Batman logo pet name tag.

The tag is black on both the front and the back and on the front it shows the Batman logo and on the back it has your details on it so that your dog or cat never has to get lost again.

The pet id tag comes in two sizes 0.88 and 1.25 inch and is made from 100% recycled steel and comes with a metal key ring so that it is easy to attach to your pets collar.

Get your Batman Logo Pet Name Tag