buy US Flag Batman Logo Patch

US Flag Batman Logo Patch

Now you can have this cool US Flag Batman Logo Patch.

Clothing patches are a great way to decorate stuff like your clothing or even your cap or backpack and if you are a Batman fan then this a great patch to have.

This Batman patch is shaped like like the Batman logo and on it you can see the US flag with Stars and Stripes and the whole patch design is black, white, and blue.

The back of the Batman patch is velcro so it can easily be attached to anything that has velcro on it and can also easily be removed when you want to hide your addiction to Batman.

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buy Classic Batman Logo Patch

Classic Batman Logo Patch

Now you can make anything fabric into Batman gear.

This clothing patch is 4 inch wide and shows a Batman logo the one that looks like a bat that says “Batman” but still has the head of Batman to.

Now you can fix torn clothing or upgrade jackets, pants, backpacks and even hats just by putting this clothing patch on it.

Young or old this Batman patch will be a hit and it just looks great to so that of course is a great plus.

If you have clothing that needs a fix then am amazing patch like this could be just what you need.

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buy Harley Quinn Clothing Patch

Harley Quinn Clothing Patch

Haley Quinn Iron On Clothing Patch

Is Harley Quinn your favorite Batman villain?

if it is then you should take a look at this fun chibi style Harley Quinn clothing patch.

This patch will make any piece of fabric into a special Harley Quinn item and that is all we Batman fans want.

Harley Quinn is 3 x 2 1/2 inch and is easy to iron onto fabric but you can also use a needle and thread to attached even more secure.

Just imagine your pants, shirt, hat or even you backpack with this cute little Harley Quinn patch.

I would not wait a second and just order this Harley Quinn Iron On Clothing Patch.

buy Robin Logo Patch

Robin Logo Patch

Robin Logo Clothing Patch

OK becoming Batman maybe difficult but maybe you can be Robin.

This clothing patch can transform anything in a Robing item and maybe by doing so you can become Batman’s trusted sidekick.

This patch has a black background with a big yellow R on it so that you know it’s Robin’t logo.

Just iron of sew on this patch to pants, jackets, hat or maybe even your backpack and you will be super cool again.

With a officially licensed clothing patch like this one torn clothes can be fixed and boring once can look better.

So lets not wait any longer and your get your own Robin Logo Clothing Patch.