buy Mischievous Joker Luggage Tag

Mischievous Joker Luggage Tag

Looking for a unique way to make your luggage stand out from the rest of them? This luggage tag with turn heads every time.

Batman’s enemy, The Joker, has taken over this luggage tag with an amazing graphic. Joker is in his typical purple suit and yellow shirt. He doesn’t have his usual make-up though, instead his lips are dripping green. Creepy.

The dimensions of this luggage tag is 2 inches by 3.5 inches, so it will definitely fit your business card. It comes with a leather strap to attach it to your luggage of choice. It is made of acrylic and is waterproof and UV resistant, so the colors will stay true and vivid.

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buy Catwoman In The Black Luggage Tag

Catwoman In The Black Luggage Tag

DC Comics Batman and Catwoman are sworn enemies. But you don’t have to get in the middle of that, you just need her for protection.

This Catwoman luggage tag is a perfect addition to your luggage. It is a black silhouette of Catwoman with her lovely eye make up and fuchsia lips. “Catwoman” is written on the bottom in the same fuchsia as her lips.

The luggage tag measures 2 inches by 3.5 inches which is the perfect size for a business card to slide inside. It is made of durable acrylic that is both waterproof and UV resistant so you know it will last and last. It also comes with a leather strap to attach it and move it to which ever bag you wish.

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buy Classic Batman Logo Luggage Tag

Classic Batman Logo Luggage Tag

Classic Batman Logo Luggage Tag

When travelling you need to make sure you tag your suitcase with something that is personal to you, the DC Comics Batman fan will love this luggage tag.

On this luggage tag you will find the classic DC Comics Batman symbol which is a yellow print of ‘BATMAN” in the shape of a bat with light blue and at the top the Batman head.

Made to be very durable to last a long time and UV resistant and waterproof, the dimensions of this luggage tag is: 2 inches x 3.5 inches and name and information is printed on the card card as well as a very sturdy leather strap to easily fasten to your luggage.

Show your true passion with the DC Comics Classic Batman Logo Luggage Tag.

buy Batman Not Bruce Wayne’s Bag Luggage Tag

Batman Not Bruce Wayne’s Bag Luggage Tag

Batman This Is Not Bruce Wayne's Bag Luggage Tag

Looking for an amazing Batman luggage tag?

This faux leather luggage tag is pretty neat. The Batman luggage tag is made from a black leather like material with yellow stitching and on  the front it shows the yellow Bat symbol and blow that it says “This is not Bruce Wayne’s Bag” and not he other side is a window for you ID card that makes it possible to get your bag back if lost.

By owning this luggage tag you know that Bruce Wayne is not gone steal you bag as it would be to risky but maybe Batman would.

Batman fans all need luggage tags and I would get this This Is Not Bruce Wayne’s Bag Luggage Tag.

buy Batman Symbol Luggage Tag

Batman Symbol Luggage Tag

Batman Symbol Luggage Tag

Luggage tags are great for suitcases but also just to have on your backpack just in case it gets missing.

And if you are in to Batman then we found the perfect bag tag for you.

This luggage tag is black on both sides and on the front it has the famous black and hello Batman symbol and on the back if has your information printed on the tag. No ugly cards you have to write this luggage tag has all the information printed on it.

The luggage tag is waterproof and UV protected so that it can withstand some traveling and it even has a leather strap to connect it to your bag.

Batman fans come have a better look at this Batman Symbol Luggage Tag.