buy Bat Quinn Key Chain

Bat Quinn Key Chain

DC Comics Batman and Harley Quinn are not the best of friends. But when they are asked to join together for the sake of the fans, they were willing to come up with this gem.

This key chain brings together the good and evil of Batman’s world. It is a combination of a brass color and red. It is in the shape of the bat symbol, but the inside is colored like Harley Quinn’s attire. Diamond shapes, half red, half brass and a brilliant look.

The key chain measures approximately 2.75 inches x 1.25 inches and comes with a ring for you to add your favorite keys.

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buy Batman Logo Bottle Opener Key Chain

Batman Logo Bottle Opener Key Chain

As a Batman fan you of course would like a cool Batman key chain but key chains are often not really useful but this one is.

This metal key chain is black and is shaped like the Batman logo and in the middle you can find a bottle opener so that you can always open that cool beer when needed and on each end of the wing you can find a screwdriver, one side has a Philips head and the other a flat screwdriver.

So all that makes this the perfect Batman multi tool for almost any situation.

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buy Robin Key Chain

Robin Key Chain

Robin Figure Key Chain

Batman fans of course all know that Batman need Robin and now you can get this key chain that has a figure of Robin hanging on it.

This 3D figure shows the classic robot with his red shirt and yellow cape and from his head a chain goes to a clip.

And that clip of course makes it easy to put keys on it or to hang Robin on something.

If you have a Batman backpack then it could be fun to have a Robin key chain like this hanging on it because then Robin is there if Batman needs him.

Come check out this Robin Figure Key Chain.

buy Batman Pocket Pop! Keychain

Batman Pocket Pop! Keychain

Funko Batman Pocket Pop! Key Chain

Do you want Batman by your side for when you need a real superhero?

Now you can have this 1 1/2 inch tall key chain that looks like Batman. This key chain from the Funko Pocket Pop! keychain series is just super cute and even comes in a special windowed box so that true collectors can keep it in new condition.

The Batman key chain has a key ring but also a clip so that you can choose to use it for other things besides living with you keys.

At this little Batman to your life and you will have a smile every time you look at this Funko Batman Pocket Pop! Key Chain.

buy Batman Voodoo Doll Key Chain

Batman Voodoo Doll Key Chain

We all know voodoo dolls and how you can put needles in them to make people hurt.

But now there is a little Batman voodoo doll that also is a key chain. OK don’t put needles into Batman but you could. Maybe this is something for The Joker to have some fun with.

The doll is a string doll with a cape and mask and of course the bat symbol on his chest.

Just have this doll dangling with your keys or use it as a zipper pull on your backpack or jacket.

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buy 1989 Batmobile Key Chain

1989 Batmobile Key Chain

Metal 1989 Batmobile Key Chain

Do you want a batmobile just like Batman has?

Now you can have a tiny version of the 1989 Batmobile as a key chain. This metal key chain looks just like the real one used in the movie and that is because it is created using digital files from Warner Brothers.

The key chain is 2 inch long and just looks amazing from every angle and yes even the bottom looks like the real Batmobile should.

This key chain is great for you keys to you bat cave or maybe you just want to use it to dangle on your backpack.

If you are a Batman fan that needs a cool key chain then you have to check out this Metal 1989 Batmobile Key Chain.

buy Pewter Harley Quinn Face Key Chain

Pewter Harley Quinn Face Key Chain

Pewter Harley Quinn Face Keychain

DC Comics Harley Quinn helps keep The Joker organized so why wouldn’t you want her help to keep you organized. Well now you can with this stylish Harley Quinn key chain.

This key chain is forged in the shape of Harley Quinn’s face including her jester hat. She has an evil look on her face with a crooked smile. Enough to scare anyone away from your key chain.

This key chain is made of brushed pewter and is approximately 2 inch tall. It is sure to last a long time due to the durability of the pewter.

Get organized today with the Pewter Harley Quinn Face Key Chain.

buy The Joker Bat Logo Hahaha Metal Key Chain

The Joker Bat Logo Hahaha Metal Key Chain

The Joker Bat Logo Hahaha Metal Key Chain

Everyone can use a key chain especially if they like Batman. But what would you get if you mixed DC Comics Batman and his arch rival, The Joker, into a key chain, this is what you would get.

It is a key chain that is shaped like a Batman Logo, but in the logo is Joker’s colors, purple and neon green. It also has the Joker’s laugh running through it, Hahahaha. Creepy laugh indeed.

The key chain is made of enamel and metal and it measures approximately 2.5″ x 1.25″.

Keep your keys in order on the The Joker Bat Logo Hahaha Metal Key Chain.

buy Batman Symbol Pewter Key Chain

Batman Symbol Pewter Key Chain

Batman logo key chain

Where do your keys from the bat cave go?

I would expect them to be on a Batman key chain but if you don’t have one of those yet then you have take a look at this amazing key chain.

This oval key chain is made from metal and has the yellow and black bat logo on it. The Batman key chain is 2.5 inch across and comes with a key ring and a clip so that you can easily keep all your important key’s together.

And if you don’t have a  need for a key chain then how about hanging it on your backpack for school or maybe you jacket as it is a nice decoration piece.

Come take peek at this metal Batman Key Chain.