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Batman Notebook

Now there this Batman Notebook that looks unique.

This is a spiral notebook that has 120 pages and you can choose between a ruled line and graph paper.

On the front of the notebook you can see Batman walking towards you and he is surrounded by smoke or fog and that looks pretty neat.

As it is a spiral notebook it is super easy to use as you can fold it over and as you can fold it you only need half the space on your desk.

This is a great notebook for all the Batman fans that need to write notes and you can use it anywhere like at school, work, and at home.

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buy Batman Journal With Bookmark

Batman Journal With Bookmark

Now you can have this cool looking Batman Journal.

The journal has a cool cover with a leather looking cover with the famous Batman logo and even the famous tool belt seems to part of the design.

Inside the journal, you will find some card slots and a string bookmark and then there acid-free lined paper so that you have lots of writing space. Take this journal to school, work, or at home and it will always be ready for your notetaking.

The Batman journal measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches making it the perfect size for easy use almost anywhere.

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buy Laughing Harley Quinn Spiral Notebook

Laughing Harley Quinn Spiral Notebook

If you like Harley Quinn special like she was in the Suicide Squad movie then this notebook would be a great addition to your school or office supplies.

This spiral notebook shows a picture of a smiling Harley Quinn on the front and her face is covered in tattoos.

Inside the notebook, you find 80 white lined pages which makes it great for a big writing job and you could use it as a journal as that gives you plenty of room for the story of your life.

So replace plain and boring with fun and strange all thanks to this Harley Quinn notebook.

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buy Harley Quinn Dripping Paint Notebook

Harley Quinn Dripping Paint Notebook

This Harley Quinn notebook is what you need for work and school.

Now you can have a spiral notebook that has a red and black checker pattern on the front with on top of it an white silhouette of Harley Quinn and the bottom of the image looks like dripping paint making it extra special.

Inside the Harley Quinn notebook you can choose between ruled or graph paper so that you get the notebook you need.

And there are 120 pages for you to fill and that makes it great for school, work or maybe even as a journal at home.

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buy Harley Quinn Style Spiral Notebook

Harley Quinn Style Spiral Notebook

Now going to school or work will be more fun because you can write you notes in this Harley Quinn notebook.

This spiral bound notebook comes with graph or lined paper and has a cover that is a dull black and red stipe with on the lower part the diamonds that Harley Quinn is so fond off.

The Harley Quinn notebook is 8 x 6 inch and has 120 pages giving you lots of room to write and the spiral makes it so much easier to use.

Office, school or at home you always need something to write on and a Harley Quinn journal would be a great piece for that.

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buy Batman Costume Notebook

Batman Costume Notebook

Batman Costume Notebook

You are a person of great reflection and a lover of graphic novels. Capture your daily thoughts in this comical journal!

8.25 inches high by 6.25 inches wide, it is relatively compact, while still allowing for a great recollection of the day’s events. The Batman is known to be the world’s greatest detective, a skill that can only be honed by daily attention to detail and observation. Journaling brings about the same skills and will bring about the advancement of your goals and dreams. Doing so in a hilarious Batman costume themed notebook will keep your commentary light and lively. It is a perfect mix for comic book fans and lovers of a life reflected!

Start a new page in your daily adventure. Get your hands on your own officially licensed, Batman Journal.