buy Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet

Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet

Kids can now protect their heads by wearing this Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet.

The Batman bicycle helmet is black and yellow and on the yellow sides you can find the famous black Batman logo and as the Dark Knight hangs out in the dark they even added a red light on the back so that people can see your little Batman in the dark.

The Batman helmet is adjustable in size so that kids ages 3 – 8 can enjoy wearing this bike helmet and it is great for so many activities like riding skateboards, rollerblades, scooter, and a bicycle.

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buy Batman Kids Bicycle Helmet

Batman Kids Bicycle Helmet

Kids should play outside and if they like to ride a bike they need a helmet and lucky for them there now is this special looking Batman helmet.

Now there will be no more complains about wearing a helmet because this a bike helmet that makes kids look like Batman.

The helmet is black with a yellow strap and has the Batman logo on it of course and to make it even cooler they even added some pointy bat ears just like Batman has.

Riding a bicycle, rollerblading, skateboarding and more this helmet will protect your child’s head and makes them feel like Batman.

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