buy Batman Moving Wall Clock

Batman Moving Wall Clock

Batman Moving Wall Clock

Does your wall have Batman clock yet?

If not then you have to check out this clock and if you do then you have to think about getting two clocks on the wall.

This Batman clock shows the normal round wall clock but around it is the body of Batman witch continues on the clock face. And that is not all the arm and legs of Batman move witch the ticking of the clock and that makes this Batman wall clock just extra amazing.

The clock runs on two AA batteries and is 14 x 6 inch.

Any bedroom, office, living room and more can become a bat cave with this Batman Moving Wall Clock.

buy The Joker Fridge Magnet

The Joker Fridge Magnet

The Joker Fridge Magnet for Batman fans

Fridges are boring sheets of metal that can use some fun magnets.

If you are a Batman fan then a fun magnet based on that would be great. And now there is a fun The Joker magnet.

This The Joker magnet is available as a round and square version and shows The Joker doing a dance in his famous purple suit.

Beside the fridge this Batman magnet also looks great on the locket at school or maybe the laundry machine and besides that it will hold on to almost any metal surface.

And this magnet of The Joker will last thanks to a UV protecting mylar finish this magnet will stay like on the first day you bought it.

Now is a great time to get your Batman – The Joker Fridge Magnet.

buy Robin USB Flash Drive

Robin USB Flash Drive

Robin USB Flash Drive

Computers can use a backup once in a while and an easy way of making backups of important files is to put it on to a USB flash drive.

Most flash drives are boring and plain but if you are a Batman fan you are in luck as this is a flash drive that looks like Robin the loyal sidekick of Batman.

This flash drive is a Mimobot flash drive and that means that they did a great job making a great looking flash drive that even has things on it related to Robin like wallpapers, icons and more.

Come have a better look at his Robin USB Flash Drive.

buy Women’s Batman Logo Jersey Style T-Shirt

Women’s Batman Logo Jersey Style T-Shirt

Women's Batman Logo Jersey Style T-Shirt

This women’s t-shirt looks like a sports jersey but then a real cool one.

On this heather charcoal shirt you can see a big yellow Batman logo. Beside the logo the v-neck of this shirt has a yellow edge and on the sleeves you can find yellow and white stripes to make it look like a sports jersey.

This Batman t-shirt comes in sizes Small – XLarge and it is a junior fit.

Girls love Batman and that is why they will love this t-shirt with the big Batman logo and the fun fit.

Come and shop for your Batman Women’s Logo T-Shirt.

buy Batman And Catwoman Salt And Pepper Shaker

Batman And Catwoman Salt And Pepper Shaker

Batman And Catwoman Salt And Pepper Shaker set

Let some DC Comics stars spice up your food.

This salt and pepper shaker set is Batman and Catwoman. One of them holds the salt and the other one holds the pepper inside. And this action duo stays together by magnets so that they always stay together on the dinning table but when you need salt or pepper they come apart.

This pepper and salt shaker set is made from ceramic and shows an action scene between Batman and Catwoman.

Just imagine having this amazing duo in the kitchen or dinning table of your home.

Stop searching for the salt or pepper as they are not stored in this Batman And Catwoman Salt And Pepper Shaker Set.

buy Batman Arkham City T-Shirt

Batman Arkham City T-Shirt

Batman Arkham City T-Shirt

This Batman t-shirt is based on the Arkham City video game and shows the box design on this t-shirt.

A dark shirt like this is great for a true fan of the Dark Knight and that is why you want to take a serious look at this shirt.

The black t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in a wide range of adult sizes.

And on this black t-shirt you can see Batman crouched down on top of a building and his arm is ready to punch and yes there is some blood on it to. Beside Batman this t-shirt also shows the city skyline and the text “Batman Arkham City”.

If you want an amazing looking t-shirt then you have to get this Batman Arkham City T-Shirt.

buy Batman Logo Air Freshener

Batman Logo Air Freshener

Batman Logo Air Freshener

Cars start smelling really easy specially after a long road trip and for that reason they invented air fresheners.

If you are a Batman fan you of course don’t want the boring tree air freshener that you can get anywhere you look and for that reason there now is a special Batman air freshener.

The air freshener looks like the famous bat logo we all know belongs to Batman. A yellow background with a black bat that can be hanging from your car mirror.

It doesn’t matter if you car is the Batmobile or a old beat up wreck this air freshener is perfect and besides cars you can make other things smell nice to. Maybe you school locker or even your bedroom can use a Batman air freshener.

I would not wait any longer come and order your Batman Air Freshener.

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Batman Vinyl Record Wall Clock


Batman Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Now you can have an unique piece of art on your wall but only if you are a true Batman fan.

This wall clock is made from a vinyl record and on that you can find the clock in the middle and around that a Batman scene you just need on your wall.

From the bottom to the top you first see the Bat symbol that on top shows the skyline of Gotham City and above all that Batman looking down on it all with bats flapping behind him.

Yes this clock is special and something you are not likely to find easily again so if you really like it then don’t wait as you never know if you will ever find one again.

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Glow In The Dark Batman Symbol Alarm Clock


Glow In The Dark Batman Symbol Alarm Clock

This is your next alarm clock.

The Batman clock looks like a classic alarm clock with two bells on top and then there is the clock face witch is also black but show the hours on the edge and the big Batman symbol in the middle.

Wonder how Batman would think about this? He will love it as it glows in the dark so that he can see the bat logo all the time.

The Batman alarm clock runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) and is perfect for waking you up in the morning after dreaming off the Dark Knight and his villains  all night long.

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