buy Batman Tuxedo Costume T-Shirt

Batman Tuxedo Costume T-Shirt

Batman Tuxedo Costume T-Shirt

Do you want people to think that you are Batman?

This t-shirt can make that happen. The t-shirt looks like a shirt from a tuxedo complete with necktie but that shirt is getting unbuttoned and under the shirt there you find your Batman costume.

You can see the black of the costume and the yellow bat symbol just like the real Batman has on his costume.

So if you wear this t-shirt the world will think that you are the Dark Knight.

And this Batman Tuxedo t-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes from Small – 3XL so that many Batman want to be’s can enjoy it.

Now is the perfect time to get your Batman Tuxedo Costume T-Shirt.

buy Batman Eyeglasses Case With Cleaning Cloth

Batman Eyeglasses Case With Cleaning Cloth

Batman Eyeglasses Case With Cleaning Cloth

Now your eyeglasses can get superhero protection.

Just store you glasses in this Batman glasses case and they will be protected from harm. No more scratches from having your eyeglasses fall on the floor or from bumping into things as this Batman eyeglasses case will protect them from harm.

On the outside of the case you can see the caped cruisader and in the background you can the Bat Symbol lighting up the sky.

And besides the Batman case there is also a cool cleaning cloth for you glasses and that of course has the Batman logo on it in black and yellow.

No more damaged and dirty glasses when you get this Batman Eyeglasses Case With Cleaning Cloth.

buy Batman Logo Flip Belt Buckle

Batman Logo Flip Belt Buckle

Batman Logo Flip Belt Buckle

Are you a Batman fan in need of a new belt buckle?

If you are then now you have the opportunity to get two in one.

This Batman belt buckle has centre that can flip around. When you want to be in stealth mode you choose the dark Batman symbol and other times you go for the yellow and black bat logo.

It’s just fun to be able to change you buckle to the mood you are in without having to change belts or buckles as its all build in to one.

Now is the time to dress up those pants with this cool Batman Flip Logo Belt Buckle.

buy Batman Symbol Window Decal

Batman Symbol Window Decal

bat logo window decal for your bat mobile

Can you car use a bit of Batman?

This window sticker would be perfect for the back of your car.

The chrome window decal shows the famous bat symbol and just that. It’s a die cut sticker so only the chrome part will show.

At 6 x 3.8 inch the size is perfect for almost any car window and with a live expectancy of 5 – 7 years in extreme conditions this Batman logo will last you a long time on your car.

Now everyone behind you will know that the Dark Knight is keeping an eye on you.

Do not wait any longer and just get this Batman Symbol Window Decal.

buy Batman Crocs For Toddlers And Kids

Batman Crocs For Toddlers And Kids

kids Batman shoes

Does your little one love Batman but hates to wear shoes?

Maybe these Batman Crocs will get them to enjoy footwear.

These Crocs comes in toddler and kids sizes and are Batman black with a yellow strap on the back and the strap and the side of the shoe are covered in bat logo’s and there is even the word “Batman” on them.

The blue edge with yellow bats make these crocs look more fun then normal Crocs and still having all the same functionality.

Make you kid happy and feel a bit more like Batman by simply getting them a pair of Batman Crocs.

buy The Joker Costume T-Shirt

The Joker Costume T-Shirt

Batman - The Joker Costume T-Shirt

Always wanted to know how it feels to be a Batman villain?

By simply wearing this t-shirt you can become The Joker. As you can see on the picture above the shirt looks just like the typical costume The Joker wears. A green vest with necktie and a purple jacket is all there and the back is just as purple as the jacket making this the perfect costume to wear.

And this Batman t-shirt is versatile to as you can wear it any day of the year or you can use it for a dress up party or even Halloween.

This The Joker t-shirt comes in sizes Small – 3XL and will be a fun to wear.

Come and take a closer look at this Batman The Joker Costume T-Shirt.

buy Batman 3D Die Cut Magnet

Batman 3D Die Cut Magnet

Batman 3D Die Cut Magnet

Any metal surface deserves a piece of Batman and this Batman magnet makes that a possibility.

The magnet is die cut and shows Batman in ill gear and behind him the famous bat symbol.

Just imagine this magnet on your fridge or maybe on you locker at school or work.

The Batman magnet is 4″ tall and 2.75″ wide and real makes the Dark Knight stand out.

No more boring fridges or white boards as this magnet can make anything into superhero gear.

I would love to see this magnet all over the place as it just looks great and shows Batman.

Now is the time to get your Batman Magnet.

buy Batman Dog Collar

Batman Dog Collar

Batman Dog Collar

Is your dog a Batman fan to?

If so then it needs this dog collar to show the world what kind of superhero fan you dog is.

This is black dog collar and it has a seatbelt kind of close that is easy to use for you but difficult to open for the dog and yes this black collar is covered in the famous bat symbol.

You can get this Batman dog collar in 3 sizes to fit your dog perfectly.

Now a visit to the dog park will make you dog so popular just because of the amazing bat logo dog collar.

Make your dog a superhero with this Batman Symbol Dog Collar.

buy Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush

Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush

Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush

How about owning your own little Batman?

This 6 inch tall plush Batman can be yours and he can stand by himself and can even turn his head. And yes Batman looks like Batman should complete with cape and utility belt.

This plush character is made by the people from Funko in their range of Fabrikations character and Batman is number one but hey we knew that already.

And this Batman plush is not a toy for small kids and is advised for kids 14 and up.

Batman loves to be part of your collection and you don’t even have to unpack him as he comes in a cool display box.

Take the time to explore this Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush.

buy Batman Symbol Pewter Key Chain

Batman Symbol Pewter Key Chain

Batman logo key chain

Where do your keys from the bat cave go?

I would expect them to be on a Batman key chain but if you don’t have one of those yet then you have take a look at this amazing key chain.

This oval key chain is made from metal and has the yellow and black bat logo on it. The Batman key chain is 2.5 inch across and comes with a key ring and a clip so that you can easily keep all your important key’s together.

And if you don’t have a  need for a key chain then how about hanging it on your backpack for school or maybe you jacket as it is a nice decoration piece.

Come take peek at this metal Batman Key Chain.