buy Harley Quinn 2 Piece Pajama Set

Harley Quinn 2 Piece Pajama Set

Harley Quinn 2 Piece Pajama Set

Tired of the same pajama sets that you find in various stores? Now you can have a pajama set that means much more than just sleep attire. You can now show your love for the DC Comics Batman empire, and be fashionable in your house and bed.

The Harley Quinn 2 Piece Pajama set is full of great red, black and white colors. First the shirt is a baseball t-shirt type of shirt. The body is red and the sleeves are black with two white rings around the arm hem. The front of the shirt says, “Arkham Asylum” in black letters with some diamonds. ┬áThe back has, “Harley Quinn” on the top. It also includes two diamonds, to look like a double zero, to fit with the baseball theme. The pants are one leg red and one leg black with white stripes running down the sides.

This officially licensed DC Comics pajama set will have you smirking for evil joy. The 2 piece pajama set is made from a cotton blend. The shirt has a V-neck with a rounded hem for a flattering cut for all those who don this sleepwear. The pants come with an elastic waist including a drawstring to keep them up!

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