buy Catwoman Q-Pop Figurine

Catwoman Q-Pop Figurine

DC Catwoman Q-Pop Figurine

Hey Catwoman fans.. wouldn’t you love a 3 1/2 inch figurine of the sexiest supervillian ever to prowl the printed page, and the big screen? Looking stunning and dangerously adorable, with three felines placed around her (one on her head!) this badass babe is up to no good – as per ushe!

Fun for the office, kitchen, bedroom, anywhere really, this conversation piece has a “talk bubble” that can be wiped of and printed on with impermanent ink (marker included), to actually start any conversation you wish! Get Catwoman to literally spell out what is on your mind, to those in the immediate area! If Batman is the strong silent type, let his anima-animus nemesis break the silence.. MEOW!!

It’s official! DC licensed! Get your paws on your own Catwoman Figurine.

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