buy 39 Thirty Batman Logo Mesh Back Cap

39 Thirty Batman Logo Mesh Back Cap

39 Thirty Batman Mesh Back Cap

Batman, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader. Whatever you choose to call him, you can expect the same safety to Gotham City as you can to your head by this cap.

Yellow and black are the colors that we have come to associate with DC Comics Batman. This cap is no exception. It has a big and bold Bat Symbol on the front of the cap. Behind that is a heather grey that runs down on the top of the bill of the cap and it has yellow underneath. The mesh back part of the cap is a dark grey. On the back there is a cool Batman in yellow and a caped crusader behind it.

This cap made by NewEra is fitted and comes in three different sizes Small/Medium, Medium/Large and Large/XL. It is soft, comfortable and will protect your head from the sky’s mood of the day.

A tip of the hat to you in your 39 Thirty Batman Mesh Back Cap.

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